Email Marketing Strategies – How to Make It Work For Your Small Business

by Square One Web Solutions

email marketing strategiesEmail marketing strategies, like search engine optimization strategies, are always a big topic of conversation whenever I talk to small business owners. The consensus is that business owners know that email marketing is something that they should be doing, they don’t know much about it. So here are some reasons that you should all have email marketing strategies and some things to avoid in the process.

Email Marketing Strategies – Why Bother?

OK, so you are still on the fence about email marketing. You think it sounds like a lot of work, and you don’t really see the benefit. Well, let me explain a little bit about why email marketing is so powerful. For this example, let’s say that you are a restaurant owner. Imagine, just for a second, that you had a list of people who had either eaten at your restaurant or were interested in your restaurant. Do you think that would be valuable?

Now, imagine that you are introducing a new menu item. Do you think it would be helpful to be able to contact your list of customers to tell them about this new menu item? Or better yet to offer them a coupon for 25% of if they come and try it in the next week. Do you think that might lead to a more successful launch of the menu item? That is exactly how email marketing should be used – as a means to communicate regularly with your customers.

Email Marketing Strategies – What Not To Do!

When it comes to email marketing, there are definitely some things that you DO NOT want to do. You need to realize the value of your email list and treat it as a huge business asset. You want to protect it at all costs because each subscriber is a valued customer – and as a part of your list you have an opportunity to market to them regularly. So here are a few things that you do not want to do in order to protect your list.

    1. Don’t come across as salesy – The people on your email marketing list are generally already customers, so you don’t need to spend time telling them how great you are. If you’ve done your job, they already know. Instead, offer valuable information to them to keep them coming back. Tell them about specials or new products. Keep them informed about industry news. Whatever your subscribers will see as valuable is what you want to offer them.

    2. Don’t wait too long between emailings – You want to make sure that you keep in regular contact with your email marketing list to make sure that they don’t forget about you. This is an important part of any email marketing strategies for two reasons. First, you want them to remember to come back to your business. Second, you want them to remember your previous emails and how valuable they were. Once a week is generally a pretty good frequency as it gives you time to come up with your next email and it keeps you from overwhelming your list with too many emails.
    3. Don’t sound like you are talking to a list – You want to write as if you are talking to your reader one to one. Don’t say hey guys, or hey all, try to address your reader by name (most auto responders allow you to customize like this). Address them as you, and generally be as personal as possible. You want to form a connection with your list and build a relationship with each subscriber. This leads to loyal customers that will return again and again!
    4. Don’t send straight from your email address – It might seem easier at first, when you are contemplating your email marketing strategy, to send emails to your list directly from your email address. Even if you are offering great, valuable content to your list, you will get some spam complaints. And, since so many email providers have a spam blacklist, if you have too many spam complaints from your email address you are out of luck. Your emails, whether sent to your list or not, can be blocked. This is something that you do not want to happen to you! Get an auto responder and let them take care of it for you. For less than 20 bucks a month, they protect you from spam complaints and make it easier to manage an email campaign. I use aweber and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

If you’d like some help in developing your email marketing strategies, shoot me an email and I can make sure that you get going in the right direction.

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