Forget Video… It’s All About The Images [Infographic]

by Square One Web Solutions

We hear all about how important videos are. They decrease the bounce rate of a page. They catch a visitor’s attention. Just look at Youtube’s popularity – videos must be important, right? Sure, videos are important, but I think in the quest for the latest and greatest thing (videos in this case), we forget about what works, and has worked for decades – images.

Think images are too old school? Just think about this for a second. Pinterest, which is completely centered on images, is now the third most popular social networking site. Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion (yes, that is billion with a B) despite the fact that it is not really a money maker. And, Facebook has just changed the whole layout of their site to the timeline emphasizing what? Yep, images. So now that I have your attention, check out the infographic below, produced by the always cool MDG Advertising.

images infographic

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