Online Marketing For Small Business

by Square One Web Solutions

online marketing for small businessOnline marketing for small business is a hot topic right now. Times are changing, and businesses are having to adapt to a whole new way of communicating with their customers. Once upon a time, you could run an ad in the yellow pages and get your fair share of customers. And, if your did your job well, you’d keep them for life. Unfortunately, that is not the case any longer.

The Yellow Pages Are Dead

While that might be a bit of an overstatement, as some businesses, in some locations can still do alright with the yellow pages, it is becoming more true all the time. I talk to businesses all the time that do not know what to do now. Their yellow pages ads are not nearly as successful as they once were and they are having a terrible time finding new customers. There is a reason for that – Google has become the new yellow pages. The stats that I’ve seen say that 70% of customers use the internet to find local businesses each month. Just think about that for a second… that’s 7 out of 10 people that use the internet to find businesses just like yours every month.

Online Marketing For Small Business

Information, or Misinformation?
I talk to business owners all of the time, and some of the myths that come up are amazing to me. I was speaking to a group of realtors the other day and one of the agents said that he was counseled not to even have a web site because it would cost him more to host the site than he could ever hope to bring in using the web. I was caught a little off guard with that one… I mean let’s say that hosting costs $10 a month, or $120 per year, and in Orange County California (where I was speaking) the average home sells for north of $400,000. At a 3% commission, that’s $12,000 (I know there are lots of expenses that come out of this, but just humor me). At that rate, if you could bring in one customer every 100 years, you would break even.

It sounds funny when you put it that way, but I actually know where he was coming from. Realtors are famous for having terrible websites. And many of them that I have come into contact with would not bring in a client, even in 100 years. So, if you are just throwing up a bad site without being intentional, it’s true, you are better off not using the web. But used correctly, it is the single most powerful marketing tool available to small businesses.

Online Marketing For Small Business

OK, So I Need To Use The Internet… Now What?
Most business owners that I talk to realize that they need to use the internet as part of their marketing plan, but they don’t know how – or where to start. They have heard of email marketing, SEO, Google Places, SMS marketing, video marketing, Twitter, Facebook, and lots of others, but they have no idea what will work for their business. That is why you need help. Online marketing for small business is what we do, and we do it well (and it can cost a whole lot less than you’d think). Let us do a free web analysis of your company. We will take a look at what you are currently doing, what your competitors are doing, and give you some suggestions on how to move forward with a customized plan.

Learn more about online marketing for small business with my 10 video series that touches on everything from setting up a website the right way to the easiest (and cheapest) way to get people to find your website.

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