social media

Customers want to have a relationship with you. The rise of Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter have givenĀ  business owners a unique opportunity to build a relationship and stay in contact with their customers. As social media experts, we can help you to take advantage of this opportunity and build relationships that will lead to loyal customers that will come back again and again.


Think Facebook is just for kids? Used right, Facebook can be an incredibly effective marketing tool, allowing your business to communicate with potential and existing customers, capture leads, and/or promote special offers. Now, just having a Facebook page will not automatically bring in new customers. So, just having your college aged nephew slap a page up for you is not the way to go. You need a professionally designed Facebook fanpage that will promote your business and develop relationships with current and future customers.


While Youtube is best known for the funny, viral videos that are so popular, it is also the third most popular site on the web with 33% of web users visiting the site each month. Many businesses are harnessing this traffic and using it to communicate their advertising message to an ever increasing audience.


While Twitter is best known as a vehicle for celebrities and athletes to embarrass themselves, many businesses have devised their entire marketing plan around the use of Twitter. Businesses are able to communicate daily specials, time sensitive deals, and new products or services to their followers in real time. An example of businesses that successfully use Twitter are the food trucks that tweet their daily locations to their followers. While that may not transfer directly to your business model, there are often ways that a business can use Twitter to communicate with their existing and potential customers.