web design

Any designer can make a web page that looks good. But, a good looking web page is not going to bring you any more customers. You need to think about what you want your customer to do when they visit your page, and then design a page that helps them to do just that. Do you want to build a mailing list? Do you want customers to contact you? Do you want customers to go to your Facebook page? Whatever your goal, we can build a page just for you and your business’ wants and needs.

It is interesting, but a great looking site is not necessarily going to be a profitable site for you. We constantly have to talk to my clients about not going for all of the bells and whistles. We design sites that are simple, intentional, and very effective. We try to warn clients ahead of time, but the response that we get from most clients when they first look at a site that we have designed is usually something like, “wow, that’s simple.” And they usually don’t mean it in a positive way. However, when we go through how the site is designed to work, and how intentional all parts of the site are, we can almost always convince them that this is the way to go for them. And when the customers start rolling in… well, then they love us!