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I am a sucker for infographics, like so many others seem to be given their popularity. I was browsing through my usual social media channels looking for something to report, and I came across a very interesting study done by the always insightful Social Media Examiner. I was taking notes on how to report the findings when I came across this beautiful infographic that breaks everything down much better than I ever could.

Social Media Report Infographic


What I Find Most Interesting From The Study

1. I can’t believe that marketers are spending so much time on social media.

I find it amazing that almost 60% of marketers are spending 6 or more hours a week on social media related tasks, and one third are spending 11 or more hours a week. That seems crazy to me! I run a small business that focuses on social media as a core service that I offer others, so I know its importance. And I know that the return on investment is off the charts on a successful social media campaign. But, to see one third of marketers claiming to spend 11 hours a week – over one fourth of a 40 hour week! I know, I know, who limits themselves to 40 hours? It still shocked me to see such a high percentage spending so much time on social media.

2. Given Point #1, I found it crazy that only 30% outsource some portion of their social media.

Of course, this comes from the bias of someone who runs social media campaigns. I see the power that they can have in branding, customer retention, customer loyalty, generating traffic, and bringing in new business. I also have been there to pick up the pieces after more than a few unsuccessful social media campaigns that business owners have tried to run themselves. It seems crazy to me that so many marketers would elect to spend so many hours each week on social media when much of the time consuming portions can be outsourced very inexpensively. I would have expected a much greater growth from 2011 to 2012, but maybe it is coming as more marketers realize that they can save time and money by outsourcing.

3. I can’t believe that Youtube is still the area with the most future plans.

I guess this is simply because Youtube has been around forever, and it is so popular, but I would have thought that more marketers would have already jumped on the Youtube bandwagon if they were going to. That is not to say that Youtube is not effective. Video marketing is very effective (when done right, of course) and I think that we will see more and more video not only on Youtube, but embedded on company websites as well. It gives marketers the opportunity to tell their story in a medium that is more personal and more likely to be attended to than a written article.

Agree? Disagree? Think that something else warrants mention? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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