You Want More Customers, We Want More Customers

It’s should be so simple. An internet marketing company should have getting new business as one of its main (if not the main) goals. However, when you look at the websites of internet marketing firms, you’ll see lots about getting to the first page of Google. Or maybe something about adding to an email list. Or even building Facebook pages or making QR codes. While all of these have a part in an online marketing strategy, they are not the goal. And that is the problem with so many internet marketing companies today – I imagine that you’ve heard the term, “they can’t see the forest for the trees,” well they see the trees really well, but they have no idea that they are in a forest.

You Want To Grow Your Business

We have talked to enough business owners to know that you don’t care about being at the top of the search results unless it will bring you customers. You don’t want a shiny new Facebook page unless it will bring you new customers (or help keep existing customers). You don’t want a cookie cutter solution that probably comes in a package deal.  You want a plan made with your business in mind. A plan that takes into account your strengths and weaknesses, your industry, and your ideal customer. You want Square One’s New Customer Magnet Plan, where we perform market research, determine which online strategies would be most effective for your business, and offer an implementation plan.

We Deliver What We Promise

We know how frustrating it is to get excited about something only to have it not work out. You have probably talked to some other consultants who have over-promised and under-delivered. We will not do that. We tell you the truth, and we don’t guarantee anything that we can’t fulfill. We set realistic expectations, then we deliver. Stay away from the agencies that promise everything because you will end up disappointed.

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